Register your child at and use School Identifier code 5d8cc225ec534.
This year's goal is $45,000!!
Event Details
  • Kickoff on Monday, October 12
  • Final donations due at midnight on Saturday, November 14
  • Galactic Get Movin' Zoom with Coach Rafi (YMCA Playground Partners) on Friday, November 13
  • This year, we're doing VIRTUAL laps with our classes. During your free time you can be active around your house and yards. Parents can post and tag your activities on the PTA's Facebook page or its Instagram. Be sure to use tags #2020ROCKETRUN #PRISKSTRONG #CAPTAINCOHEN.
  • Captain Cohen will be sending Interstellar Missions for her Pioneers to complete, so be sure to read her weekly e-newsletters and follow Prisk PTA updates!
Rocket Run is a joint Foundation and PTA fundraiser. It raises funds for the enrichment of all students at Prisk Elementary.
Donations earned from the fundraiser are primarily used to support STEAM AIDE SALARIES as well as supporting our onsite science teacher (Mr. Macander). Funds are also utilized to promote student health and family engagement events throughout the year.

William F. Prisk Elementary PTA was founded on November 30, 1954.

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